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Are you looking for a convenient and professional meeting location in Devon? As a social club that welcomes members from Devon County Council and the NHS, Coaver Club is a perfect choice for your next meeting. We provide large, modern facilities that can accommodate groups of all sizes.

Three rooms at the Coaver Club are open for booking by DCC staff without charge. Each room is equipped with amenities like Wi-Fi, data ports, conference phones, projection screens, and flipcharts. You can reserve any of these rooms by filling out the Coaver contact form or by directly contacting us.


Phone: 01392 382519


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Conference Hall

The Conference Hall has a multi-media system which is equipped with DVD, video, laptop PA and microphones.

The room holds up to 100 seated in Cabaret style and 120 in Theatre style.

Ansell Room

The Ansell Room seats 20 people in Boardroom style only.

It boasts a large TV screen and a video conferencing phone with a 360 degree camera, ideal for a skype meeting.

Ansell Room
Sargent Room

Sargent Room

Boardroom style for up to 20 people

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